Boyd – Campus Lead

Boyd is our Campus Lead, leading the the crew at Love That Pet Normanhurst. He has always worked animals and is lucky enough to follow his passion in helping them every day. After studying in the Animal Science field, he worked for a number of years in an Animal Welfare organisation where his main focus was to oversee the primary care of dogs and cats in the facility. This provided Boyd with extensive knowledge within the shelter and vet care space. After the welfare organisation, Boyd moved on to a more senior role at a retail and online Pet Supply company. He then eventually came upon Love That Pet and though the vision of the company was amazing and couldn’t wait to join the journey!

What do you love most about your job?

I love that everyday is different and that we get to meet so many lovely clients and their pets. Plus who doesn’t love hugs from dogs! I love having the ability to work with a diverse team of dedicated professionals enabling us to provide great pet/vet care to animals and owners.

Do you have any pets of your own?

Yes! I have two dogs. A beautiful Cattle Dog and a resuce dog who I have raised since he was 12 hours old. He is full on! I also have two Burmese cats who are siblings. They never fail to make me laugh and they will always happily jump on a lap.

When you’re not working with animals, what are you doing?

On days off I try to catch up with family and friends for coffee but generally I am always around animals, whether that is at work or at home. I do enjoy taking my dog out or throwing the ball for him.

What’s your favourite spot in Sydney?

I just like Sydney in general for all the good cafes and places to see. Also the beautiful beaches at Cronulla.

One interesting fact about you that people probably don’t know?

Although this is pretty well known, I have a love for cookies and brownies and anything chocolate. I also fostered dogs for a rescue group. Sometimes the puppies being just hours old!


  • Animal Science